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Our Family

Tim, Lucy, Suzy & Rachel. We started as a family in Brooklyn in 1999 where Lucy had her Real Estate buisness. At that time we lived in a very nice area called: Gerritsen Beach

Whats New

December 27th 2013: I did more traveling this year than the last four combined. It's good to be back home with Lucy and the girls. We are spending our Christmas vacation in the Poconos as usual. It started out almost as a reverse Christmas...Eight inches of snow one the ground when we arrived on the 21st. Then, the temperture clibmed to sixty degrees by the 22nd, all the snow melted. Christmas eve the temperature droped and it started to snow.

One more thing...I have finally given up hope that IOS will support Flash. Two major changes to this website are coming, the pages will resize themselves to match the viewing device (i.e. smart phone, tablet, PC) and the photo pages will go from Flash to HTML5.

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New Hanover

Today we live in New Hanover Township, PA which is about 30 miles NW of Philadelphia and have been here since the fall of 2007. Our house is located in a small subdivision which at one time was farmland. Many of the homes in our area are new and the farms are slowly turning into subdivisions.

Links: History of New Hanover Township


We purchased the Poconos house in 2001. It's a nice house in a private vacation community. The house is surrounded by rohdodendrons. Ocassionaly, we have a bear roaming around. Mostly they make a mess out of our trash bin. There's always plenty of deer and turkeys also.

We spend our summers there and Christmas to New Years. In our time there, the girls have learned to swim very well and play golf. They have,nt tried skiing yet, maybe in a couple of years. When they were little, Christmas eve they would go out onto the edge of the loft and see Santa emerge from the fireplace and place their presents under the tree.

Poconos: Lake Naomi Club

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