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November 30th 2014 - Have a few days off for Thanksgiving. I can't believe it is only November and there is already snow on the ground for the past four days. Mike was here for Thanksgiving dinner. I continue to spend half my time in Germany. Looks like the traveling will end early next year. Added some pictures of the places I have been.

The girls started a new school this year. It is amazing how hard they work, I am very proud of them both.






New Hanover

Today we live in New Hanover Township, PA which is about 30 miles NW of Philadelphia and have been here since the fall of 2007. Our house is located in a small subdivision which at one time was farmland. Many of the homes in our area are new and the farms are slowly turning into subdivisions.

Links: History of New Hanover Township


We purchased the Poconos house in 2001. It's a nice house in a private vacation community. The house is surrounded by rohdodendrons. Ocassionaly, we have a bear roaming around. Mostly they make a mess out of our trash bin. There's always plenty of deer and turkeys also.

We spend our summers there and Christmas to New Years. In our time there, the girls have learned to swim very well and play golf. They have,nt tried skiing yet, maybe in a couple of years. When they were little, Christmas eve they would go out onto the edge of the loft and see Santa emerge from the fireplace and place their presents under the tree.

Poconos: Lake Naomi Club

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